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The Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC is dedicated to defending the rights of the Latino community in the United States. The primary objective of the Rivera y Bujosa Law Office is to exhaust all possible avenues while fighting for the rights of its clients in the different courts of the United States during criminal and immigration processes.

Criminal and immigration attorney, Octavio M. Rivera Bujosa, is cofounder and managing partner of the firm, Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC and is exclusively dedicated to criminal and immigration law in the state of Texas, throughout the United States and around the world.

Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC is a firm committed to defending the Latino community from the attacks, persecutions and prejudices that it faces every day in the United States. Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC is specifically dedicated to providing assistance to the immigrant and / or non-citizens of the United States in criminal cases before the federal courts of the United States or in the courts of the state of Texas. Rivera y Bujosa Law Office, PLLC also represents the rights of the Latino community in cases of removal or deportation before the Immigration Courts in all of the United States, the Board of Immigration Appeals and in the..[read more]

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Notable Case Results

El señor Morell Corrada fue acusado de violaciones del Título 18 USC § 371, 1341, 1343, 1951 (a) (2), y con violaciones al Título 18 USC § 1512 (b) (3) y (2), obstrucción de la justicia. Después de un mes en el juicio, el acusado fue absuelto del cargo de obstrucción a la justicia, y fue declarado culpable de los otros cargos. El juez condenó al acusado a 60 meses de encarcelamiento.
El señor Miranda Martínez fue acusado de ayudar y ser cómplice de un delincuente en posesión de un arma. El acusado fue a juicio y el jurado lo declaró culpable. En la audiencia de sentencia, la Honorable Juez lo condenó al tiempo servido de prisión, el cual era en ese momento, (24 meses).
Mr. Urquidez was accused of "REENTRY OF DEPORTED ALIENS" and the presentencia report (PSR) recommended a sentence of 60 months in prison. Our lawyers managed to get the judge to sentence him to 12 months and one day in prison.

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An excellent experience, a very good lawyer, they always kept us up to date on our case and they really behaved as if we were family. Many thanks to the Rivera y Bujosa office. Mr. Octavio, God bless you for all his support.
Candy L.
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A very good lawyer and person, Mr. Octavio Rivera, with his experience and dedication, we managed to get my husband out of Livingston in a short time. He is a person who is committed to helping his clients and guarantees his work. I recommend him 100% for his honesty and transparency.
Diana M.
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